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Hi!! I'm Jilly.


I'm a health coach,

a group fitness/boot camp instructor,

and online fitness trainer 

My main goal as a health & fitness coach is 

to make a difference in the fitness industry.


We are seeing more and more women starting to take interest in strength sports and I want to be able to provide these women with inspiration and motivation to know that they can be strong and still look feminine, too.


I am hopeful that I will help to facilitate conversations and share my testimony with my clients, that will help us, together, as a team, to break past any barriers in the fitness industry,

because there is a space for women in strength sports.



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Client Testimonial

Jilly is unique in her expertise, offering knowledge of strongman, bodybuilding/ stage, and athletic training. I'm certain she can get any athlete, with any variety of goals, to meet their best potential. Most importantly, Jilly had a wonderful personality. She was kind, communicative, supportive, and easy to work with. She offered emotional support, as well as guidance, and was frequently my biggest cheerleader. I would recommend her services to anyone.


- Tams 



about me 

My name is Jilly Hawkins, and I'm a Certified Fitness Trainer.

I have dedicated my life to fitness for the past six years, and now I want to share everything I have learned with you all. 
I focus on providing my clients with proper programming and nutritional guidelines that are tailored to their individual needs so they are able to reach their goals in the most effective and optimal way possible. 


I believe that effort, hard work, and keeping a positive attitude will produce sustainable results. 

I believe in healthy and helping you find the balance you need to sustain long-term results.

I am so excited to help you!


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Braselton, Georgia